Commercial Services

Vertical & Horizontal Blinds

 Olson Backman, LLC carries a wide selection of alumunim, vinyl, basswodd, composite or faux wood horizontal and vertical blinds available in a variety of fabrics, textures, patterns and colors.  Our commercial blinds are fire retardant and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and Children and Schools Certified.  Vertical blinds are a popular choice for many wide windows in schools or offices. The versatility of the angled slats control ventilation while allowing for sun protection and privacy. 

Window Film

From high rise office buildings to small storefronts Olson Backman, LLC has advised architects, builders, interior designers and contractors throughout New England on which window film will work best for their commercial projects.

Motorized Window Covering

Hard to reach window or skylight can cause a glare and/or extra heat in your office.  Let Olson Backman Interiors show you the latest in motorized window treatments.  At the touch of a button you can open or close a window treatment in seconds.  

Solar Shades

 We offer a complete line of solar shades. Our products include Phifer SheerWeave, Mermet, SunBlockMecho Shades, ThermoVeil and more. Our solar shades meet California U.S. Title 19 and NFPA 701 fire codes, antimicrobial and anti-fungal ASTM E 2180 and ASTM G22 testing. Many materials are LEED certified and are recyclable. 

Security Film

Your school, office, or home is more than just a place, it is an investment and a second home to many people. In addition to shard protection & increased visibility,  security window film provides protection from unauthorized entry, burglary, severe storm damage, terrorists and bomb blasts. Security Film gives you piece of mind that you, your business or school, your loved ones/employees & your assets are safe & protected.   


 Custom made draperies can add inviting style to an office environment or complete privacy to a hotel guest room. The natural sound absorption of fabric makes draperies a perfect choice to reduce echo or ambient sound in a large foyer or auditorium. Many of our fabrics are inherently fire retardant but we can also treat most materials to meet flame, microbial and stain resistance.  

Custom Office Design

Space planning & function is just as important as aesthetics when it comes to work place interior design. Olson Backman Interiors can help you create a practical, fuctional work place environment that feels as though its your home away from home.


Looking for new floors transform your office space? Olson Backman Interiors has specialists that can complete the most intricate tile job to beautiful new hardwood flooring to add beauty and function to your space.  

Stage Curtains

 Olson Backman Interiors can create & install large theatre, studio, library, and auditorium stage curtains. Logos & emblems can be ordered to truly customize your special project. Headings are reinforced jute or nylon, grommet & hems have a fabric encased chain or optional weight filled pockets.  

Bathroom Partitions

 If your work restrooms need updating, a quick fix can be the restroom stalls.  From full renovations to single unit partition replacements, Olson Backman Interiors has you covered.  We also can create customized shower curtains for your bathrooms and cubicle curtains found in hospitals, clinics & retail dressing rooms.

Upholstery / Reupholstery

Olson Backman Interiors can reupholster your existing furniture to update your space with a fresh, clean look. From one office chair to an entire theatre of chairs, we can transform your furniture to suit your needs. We pick up, strip the furniture, sterilize, re-pad, rebuild, and repair as needed, apply new fabric, & deliver back to you.  

Carpet Cleaning

Office floors see a lot of traffic and can make your space look outdated and drab.  Professionally cleaning your current flooring can completely revive your work space.   We use highly trained technicians, the best equipment on the market and non-toxic cleaning products so you can be sure to get the best service and cleaning experience.

Cubicle / Shower Curtains

Cubicle curtains are used in hospitals, clinics, retail dressing rooms, hotels and settings where minimal fabric is desired for privacy. Aluminum track is attached or suspended from the ceiling and the unlined curtain is attached with s-shaped carriers. Typically, in a medical environment, the top 12” of the curtain is a grommet mesh fabric, the side seams and hems are straight stitched to increase durability.  

Custom Furniture

We can custom make any furniture your project requires. We use kiln dried hardwood frames, 8 way hand tied coil springs, screws and dowels, and reinforce major joints with wooden corner blocks. Our cushion selection includes high-resiliency polyurethane foam, spring down units, ultracel down units and any combination of down and feathers you would like, all encased in a down proof muslin cover. We offer a cushion that meets California Flammability Code #117 and it is poured environmentally safe. 

Interior Wall Protection

Your facility walls and doors need protection from the constant wear & tear they endure.  Olson Backman Interiors can offer you the right protective solutions, including corner guards, handrails, crash rails, door & frame protection, and wall protection/panels. There are a variety of colors and finishes available that will enhance a pleasing ascetic in addition to providing the protection you need.