Commercial Services

Solar & Roller Shades

Olson Backman, LLC offers a complete line of solar shades.  Natural light can enhance the function of any room with proper sun management. Our broad range of sun control fabrics reduce solar heat gain, protect against damaging UV and improve the comfort of any interior space. Suitable for the office buildings, schools, hospitality, healthcare, & retail, solar shade fabrics are durable and easy to maintain.

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Aluminum & Vinyl Blinds

Olson Backman, LLC carries a wide selection of aluminum & vinyl horizontal blinds available in a variety of textures and colors. Aluminium & vinyl blinds are a popular choice in schools, universities, office buildings, hospitals & healthcare, hospitality & retail stores. The versatility of the angled slats control ventilation while allowing for sun protection and privacy. They are a low-maintenance, effective & budget-friendly window treatment solution.

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Window Film

Window film is a self-adhesive film that is retrofitted and applied to glass surfaces in order to upgrade solar control, privacy and safety & security. Olson Backman, LLC offers many different grades, shades, colors and thicknesses of window film depending on the type of treatment you need. Window Film is a great way to provide privacy, sun protection and/or security without sacrificing views.

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Cellular Shades

Cellular honeycomb shades are designed to deliver superior energy performance and ease of operation. Olson Backman, LLC offers a wide variety of color options, soft fabrics and different levels of opacity levels for personalized privacy and light control. Cellular shades are a top quality choice in schools and offices.

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Motorized Window Coverings

Olson Backman, LLC offers motorization for shades & blinds, which allow for easy, one-touch control of your shades, especially those hard-to-reach, large windows or skylights. Operate an individual shade or several simultaneously, from virtually anywhere in your building at any time during the day, even on a pre-programmed schedule.  Motorization is the perfect solution for buildings that have many windows, especially large windows, where ease in controlling light, privacy and safety are a must.

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Drapery, Valances & Cornices

 Custom made drapery can add inviting style to an office environment or complete privacy to a hotel guest room. The natural sound absorption of fabric makes draperies a perfect choice to reduce echo or ambient sound in a large foyer or auditorium. Olson Backman LLC's fabric offerings are inherently fire retardant and/or can be treated to meet flame, microbial and stain resistance standards.  Drapery can be stacked with shades or blinds for a complete elegant look and additional sun & privacy control.

Vertical Blinds

Olson Backman, LLC offers durable, easy to operate vertical blinds that are available in a range of fabrics, as well as vinyl, aluminum, wood & composite/faux wood. Vertical blinds are an effective solution for reliable light control & privacy when it comes to wide windows and doors.  

Wood Blinds

The exquisite sustainably-sourced wood blinds Olson Backman, LLC offers add a rich warmth to any room. Carefully crafted from real hardwood in rustic and modern paints, stains, and finishes, wood blinds add natural insulation and character to any commercial space. 

Composite/Faux Wood Blinds

Both composite & faux wood blinds combine the look of real wood with the perfect solution for rooms that require a humidity-resistant solution, such as commercial kitchens and bathrooms. Olson Backman offers these easy-to-clean blinds, engineered to prevent warping, fading, cracking, and peeling. 

Wood & Composite Shutters

Olson Backman, LLC offers hardwood shutters hand-crafted in a range of custom styles.  Composite shutters let you experience the essence of real wood in rooms that require a durable or cost-effective solution that can withstand high humidity. Panel shutters are also an option and offer a charming solution to wide windows & doors.

Roman Fabric Shades

Roman fabric shades add elegance & beauty to any commercial space. Styles include the seamless design & sophisticated look of the classic flat shade to the soft folds of a looped style.  Olson Backman, LLC offers customized roman fabric shades that are meticulously hand-tailored and come in a wide selection of fabrics & colors.

Pleated & Natural Shades

Pleated shades filter sunlight and can add depth & character to your space. Olson Backman, LLC offers a range of sheer to room-darkening options, as well as a palette of colors, patterns, and textures, including layers of sheer fabrics & renewable materials such as bamboo, reeds, grass and jute.

Vertical Sliding Panels

Olson Backman, LLC offers a wide selection of shades that can be used for vertical sliding panels as a sophisticated solution to your wide windows & doors. Panel Accents let you select fabrics based on your light control needs and can easily coordinate with other shades in your building. 

Space Planning & Design

 Space planning & functionality are just as important as aesthetics when it comes to work place layout, design & decor. Olson Backman, LLC can help you create a practical, comfortable and functional work place environment.  We specialize in office & classroom configurations, as well as privacy & noise mitigating solutions. 

Stage Curtains

Olson Backman, LLC can create & install large theater, studio, library and auditorium stage curtains. Logos & emblems can be ordered to truly customize your special project. Headings are reinforced jute or nylon, grommet & hems have a fabric encased chain or optional weight filled pockets.  


Commercial carpet/industrial carpet & flooring solutions are designed to withstand heavy traffic, add cushion, help to decrease the noise level, and also can help reduce falls and slips from occuring on your property. Olson Backman, LLC can help you choose the best carpet option for your project that will lead to lasting performance and durability. 


Olson Backman, LLC has specialists that can complete the most intricate tile job to beautiful new hardwood flooring that will add long-lasting beauty, durability & functionality to your space. We offer and install hardwood flooring, laminate & linoleum flooring, ceramic/porcelain tile, vinyl/resilient flooring and more.   

Interior Wall Protection

Your facility walls and doors need protection from the constant wear & tear they endure.  Olson Backman, LLC can offer you the right protective solutions, including corner guards, handrails, crash rails, door & frame protection, and wall protection/panels. There are a variety of colors and finishes available that will enhance a pleasing ascetic in addition to providing the protection you need.  

Bathroom Partitions

If your work restrooms need updating, a quick fix can be the restroom stalls.  Olson Backman, LLC offers full bathroom renovations to single unit partition replacements.  

Upholstery / Reupholstery

Olson Backman, LLC can reupholster your existing furniture to update your space with a fresh, clean look. From one office chair to an entire theatre of chairs, we can transform your furniture to suit your needs. We pick up, strip , sterilize, re-pad, rebuild, and repair as needed. We then apply new fabric & deliver back to you.  

Cubicle / Shower Curtains

 Cubicle curtains are used in hospitals, clinics, retail dressing rooms, hotels and settings where minimal fabric is desired for privacy. Aluminum track is attached or suspended from the ceiling and the unlined curtain is attached with s-shaped carriers. Typically, in a medical environment, the top 12” of the curtain is a grommet mesh fabric, the side seams and hems are straight stitched to increase durability.   

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Installation Services

Olson Backman, LLC  offers, and highly recommends, professional measuring and installation services, whether it be for window treatments, window film, stage curtains, flooring, etc.  Our specialists have the skills necessary to ensure job is done right and looks perfect.  We take extreme care to protect surrounding areas and strive for minimal disruption to your office, building, hospital, retail location or school.  And when done right the first time, the results can last for decades.  

Our Warranty

Olson Backman, LLC  consistently holds a high standard of quality for both products and service. Our primary focus is to help you find the perfect, long-lasting solution to your project needs. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty represents a dedication to your complete satisfaction, ensuring a lifetime of beauty, excellence, and dependable service when you need it most.